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angels_demise's Journal

Demise of Angels RPG
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Welcome to Angel Demise, the demise of angels. Where vampires roam, shapeshifters quarrel, witches invoke spells, and other creatures of the night carry abroad their essence.

This is an Role Playing Game, taking place in the city Angel Demise. Please create your character as either a human, vampire, shapeshifter, witch, or elf. Go here for more information on each.

Interaction IS encouraged; loving, hating, making friends is best. Do whatever you wish until you are another deceased angel that can't take anymore.

Please keep your location as Angel Demise, United States, and RPG in this city that is provided. (It's kind of the point of this game)

For more details on the city and what's included amongst its walls go here

You MUST make a NEW journal for your character. Otherwise you will not be able to particpate. This is stressed!

Please contact vampire_master_ for any questions or concerns that you may have.