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Prelude into Darkness

I suppose that the true reason that I relocated was because I was bored. New Orleans had lost its splendor for me. Although the constant feasting was lovely, humans all around, half of them pretending to be of my kind, openly wanting someone to partake of the feast, I didn't want to stay there...Mardi Gras now upsetting me. It degenerated every year into a whoring massive orgy of people. Disgusting.

So I moved...finding a lovely hub of activity called 'Angel's Demise'. What a splendid name for a city full of the undead, the supernatural, and the helpless and unknowing mortals.

As I stepped out of the car, something I'd loathed to do...I despised the foul smelling mechanic monsters...I rather liked horses, I saw the set of apartments in front of me. I'd the entire top floor for myself and my belongings, hoping it'd be ample space for me. I walked up the stairs, the chill in the air not bothering me in the least as I took out the small key, and unlocked the penthouse suite. I smiled a bit.

I do believe I'll like it here.
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